Porsche Group Card

PGC or The Porsche Group Card is a loyalty card with benefits that is not only limited to owners of vehicles from the Volkswagen Group, but is available to everyone

Loyalty is rewarded

The Porsche Group Card brings you a range of benefits that are tied to your chosen vehicle, but also includes other services. The card leads you to a more pleasant travel experience, makes it easier to take care of the vehicle and provides you with excellent benefits from our partners and is your new favorite travel companion.

How to get the card?

You can obtain the card for free within the authorized sales and service network, where sales or service consultants will arrange it for you, or you can easily create it yourself on the official website. You receive the card at your address, and you can start using the card and taking advantage of the benefits immediately via the PGC application.

PGC Service

Holders of PGC cards can maintain your vehicle more affordably, as we make it easier for you to take care of your vehicle with current offers and benefits. But we haven’t forgotten about the vehicles that are already in years.

Always worth it

If your vehicle has been your faithful companion on all journeys for at least 4 years, it deserves only the best! In order to continue to travel comfortably and safely in the future, we have prepared affordable service packages Always worth it for all Porsche Group Card benefit card holders. The packages are intended for the maintenance of your vehicle within the authorized sales and service network for Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, Škoda and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

Packages ensure that your vehicle will retain its shape and value for a long time. They are tied to vehicle types and include discounts on services and parts such as oil changes, service inspections, brakes, toothed belts and coolant pumps…

Packages include:

  • service services of a high professional standard,
  • original spare parts that meet the latest technical requirements,
  • two-year warranty on installed original parts
  • free assistance from Porsche Slovenia.


Follow the current PGC benefits on our website in the Promotions section or in the PGC application.