Pre-owned vehicles

Used and pre-owned vehicles with a guarantee. At AC Kondor we offer a selection of cars as good as new and well-serviced used vehicles. Also, consider financing and insurance or vehicle import from abroad.

Used vehicles with merchant’s guarantee

When buying a pre-owned vehicle, there can be a risk of fraud and hidden vehicle errors. AC Kondor is a trusted car sales merchant. We take it as a responsibility to sell only technically approved vehicles. AC Kondor offers a guarantee for used vehicles. In the selection you can find vehicles of other brands as well, not only Volkswagen used vehicles. When buying a pre-owned vehicle at AC Kondor, you`ll receive the same treatment as if you were buying a new car. We help you out with financing and insurance options and take care of vehicle registration.

On request, we can also arrange vehicle import from abroad.

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Used vehicles are a smart choice

Used vehicles are becoming a frequent purchase decision. The range of used vehicles also includes vehicles with only a few tens of thousands of kilometers and sophisticated selections of makes and interior equipment.
If it used to be true that pre-owned vehicles were a lower standard, today this is certainly no longer the case. It may well be that in the offer of used vehicles, you will find a model with all the desired equipment that you have assembled in the
configurator of new vehicles.

The offer of second-hand AC Kondor vehicles also includes vehicles with only a few thousand kilometers traveled and the best accessories.
What about second-hand vehicles with a still active factory warranty? Yes, you can also find it in our offer. Used vehicles are on display in our showroom. You are welcome to visit!