Why should you choose an authorized repairer for the maintenance of the vehicle?

The advantages of authorized service centers are not only maintaining the factory warranty during the vehicle's warranty period. There are many more advantages. By choosing an official repairer, the vehicle owner acquires a long-term vehicle maintenance partner, ensuring continued driving satisfaction.

An authorized repairer is your partner.

Vehicle maintenance is a key part of maintaining a great user experience after purchasing a new vehicle. This work can only be performed by personnel who receive regular professional factory training and use specialized diagnostic equipment. Only the official service centers are sufficient to meet these requirements.

Ensuring high standards of service.

All official service centers of Volkswagen Passenger and Commercial Vehicles carry out an annual check of the operating mode by the factory inspection. The factory inspection ensures the use of appropriate equipment and spare parts, as well as a standard of handling the vehicle, ensuring cars are properly protected during service or maintenance.

AC Kondor, an authorized repairer of Volkswagen vehicles and a partner of the ServicePlus network for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, is committed to using only original spare parts and quality-selected maintenance materials.

Professional after-sales service.

By choosing a Volkswagen vehicle, you have chosen a quality vehicle. To ensure long-term driving satisfaction, it is relevant you also choose professionally performed after-sales services.

In AC Kondor, as an authorized VW and VW GV repairer, we offer you:

  • Periodic maintenance check-ups.
  • Auto diagnostics and engine repairs.
  • Factory recalls and factory-mandated service campaigns and repairs for all Volkswagen factory brands.
  • Repairs covered by Warranty (for VW passenger and commercial vehicles).
  • Computer diagnostics service with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment.
  • Auto electrical systems repairs.
  • Radar system setup.
  • Retail of genuine parts and additional equipment for Volkswagen passenger and commercial vehicles, and other Volkswagen factory brands.
  • Parts and Accessories Assembly.
  • Option to extend the factory warranty.
  • An extension of Porsche Assistance Volkswagen with each service visit.
  • In vehicles older than four years, we assemble original Volkswagen spare parts from the “Vedno Vredno” offer, which is more affordable, and we offer a 2-year warranty for the installed parts and services.

In AC Kondor our goal is to deliver 5-star satisfaction.If you continue to enjoy driving your vehicle as you did the first day, our mission is accomplished.

For scheduling service appointments, you can call 01 542 11 80 >or use our online scheduler.

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